NOW, you can have cloud routable IPv4 subnet space in about 48 hours. So don’t burn that Class C !

Do you have a Microsoft, Amazon or other cloud service connectivity that requires Internet routable IPv4 space for a BGP connection ? 
Many cloud services require real IPv4 address space that you bring. Yes it’s a new era of BYOA (Bring Your Own Addresses).  

BGP on the open Internet requires a minimum of 256 IPv4 addresses in a Class C. However, Cloud services using BGP can use subnet size space. So why burn an entire class C, when you can obtain IPv4 subnet size address space to use with cloud services ?

The actual contract link below will provide you a /29 or /28 . We could arrange for a /30 however, we found that can be a limitation in cloud environments where you want a backup or multiple BGP sessions. If you’re sure you only need a /30 you can make a request.

The payment is so small it’s paid annually. You get a Letter Of Authorization (L.O.A.) to immediately begin using them world wide in any Data Center. Your subnet is also listed as assigned for your use in the ARIN database. This is where Legacy space is generally “whois" listed.

Data Center Cloud Connection Subnet Pricing;
/29   = $360 Paid Annually  (That’s about 12 cents per IP address per day for an 8 IPs )
/28  = $720  Paid Annually  (About 12 cents per IP address per day for a 16 address subnet OR two /28 subnets)
/30 =  $250  Paid Annually ( 4 IPs also Good for a standard BGP session)
/31 =  $200 Paid Annually ( 2 IPs works in some, not all Cloud networks that also leverage NAT
/32 =  $100 Paid Annually ( 1 IP works in some, not all Cloud networks that also leverage NAT)

Complete contract in PDF form.
Contract can be emailed to Cloud@IPv4Cloud.com or faxed to 650-330-1744

Credit Card authorization & instructions in PDF form.  
If you use the Credit card form it must be faxed 650-330-1744 (Credit Card for can not be emailed.) 
 -OR-  Pay online via Fiber Internet Center's PayPal Merchant account
, you do not need a paypal account to pay by credit card.

Subnet Sizes # of IPs

Cloud@IPv4Cloud.com    Or    Call us at M-F 9AM-5PM Pacific  213-342-2878 

If you would like a full /24, /23, /22, /21, /20, /19 or more at a much lower rate per IP address, you can hop to RentIPv4.com

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